• Featherweight Preparation

    All of our Featherweights are dismantled and each part thoroughly checked. Chromed parts are ultrasonically cleaned, the machine is reassembled, serviced, adjusted and tested. Click the link below to see the complete story.

    Our Featherweight Preparations Before Being Sold 
  • Quality Featherweights

    When buying a vintage Singer Featherweight, in order to avoid disappointment, be sure to buy your machine from a reputable dealer.

  • The Featherweight Check List

    1. Light bulb & light switch work

    2. Foot control has range of speeds

    3. Electrical cords checked

    4. Bobbin winder tested

    5. Bobbin case has correct tension

    6. Upper tension tested & adjusted

    7. Sewing ability tested

    8. Sew/Darn lever checked (222K)

    9. Sample sewn with 90º corners