Our Featherweight Preparations Before Being Sold

Our Featherweight Preparations Before Being Sold

222K and 221 Featherweights.

In both our store and on eBay all of the Featherweights that we sell are serviced, adjusted and tested. More importantly before being serviced all our Featherweights, both 222K and 221, are dismantled and each part is thoroughly checked.

Singer Featherweight 222K taken apart

Any broken, faulty or missing parts are replaced with original Singer 222K or 221 parts. All parts are then thoroughly cleaned, inspected again and appropriate parts given two coats of a good quality carnauba wax.

The machine is then reassembled, serviced, adjusted and tested for sewing.

Singer Featherweight 222K

No Featherweight is put up for sale until it runs and sews as it is supposed to. A sample of the sewing is always included with our Featherweights.

It is possible to buy “garage sale” or “found in attic” machines for less than our machines. Having acquired machines over the last 12+ years I can assure you that almost all Featherweights that you can buy will have issues of some sort and will require servicing, often very expensive servicing especially if you need 222K parts. 222K parts are not readily available even online.


All the parts that we sell are original Singer parts identifiable by the “Simanco” mark and a part serial number.

Singer Featherweight original parts

We do not sell after market parts for Featherweights. Original Singer parts work and fit much better than most after market parts.

If you wish to keep your Featherweight original you must use Simanco marked parts.

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