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Fabulous Singer Featherweights

1956 Singer 222K / 222 Featherweight. EL179695.

1956 Singer 222K / 222 Featherweight. EL179695.

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Mechanically this machine is excellent. It runs quietly and sews a very nice stitch. It does however have a few cosmetic challenges.

  • The decal in front of the throat plate is worn.
  • The presser foot take up lever has worn chrome. It is very smooth but worn.
  • There is a dent in the flip up bed caused by the face plate thumbscrew. It is very difficult to show the dent in a photograph but it does show in some of the photographs. There is a dent. The thumbscrew now has a bumper in place.
1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

The Featherweight does run quietly and it sews a nice stitch.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

The photographs are of the machine for sale.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

The serial number of this Featherweight is EL179695. This dates the machine to March 2,1956.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

 We specialize in Singer Featherweights with a particular interest in the hard to find 222K Featherweights.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

 We offer for sale top quality 222K and 221 Featherweights as well as their attachments and accessories.

This 222K Featherweight is ready to sew upon arrival at the purchasers home. Just plug it in and play.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight
This Featherweight, as with all of the Featherweights that we sell, has been thoroughly detailed. It has been cleaned, serviced, lubricated and tested. The testing consists of the machine going through a final 9 point checklist before being listed. The checklist is given toward the end of the description.

 To see how we prepare our machines for sale see our blogs here.

The US 120 voltage motor, which is a replacement original Singer Featherweight motor, operates smoothly. The Featherweight will operate in the USA and Canada.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

All 222K Featherweights have the ability to remove the sewing bed leaving a freearm.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight
1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

222K Featherweights have the ability to easily lower and raise the feed dog using the sew/darn lever.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight
1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

222K Featherweights all have graduated throat plates.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

The carrying case is sound. Both latches work.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

The hinges have been replaced. I suspect the case was locked and then the keys lost.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

The foot control holder is missing.
A cute padded foot control holder with Velcro enclosure has been added to hold the foot control. It is shown below the following photograph.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight
1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

The attachments, foot control and reproduction manual are shown in the photographs below.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

The stitches from this Featherweight are straight and tight with good tension and no skipping of the stitches. A sample of the stitching will accompany the sewing machine. It has been serviced and tested so that you can quilt, sew or proudly display the Featherweight upon its arrival.

1956 Singer 222K Featherweight

There are no missing parts, no oily, brown cigarette smoke residue or other grunge to try to remove, no expensive repairs to be done, no surprises and no frustration.

Many consider the 222K Featherweight to be the ultimate in Singer sewing machine design and engineering. This is a wonderful example of the marvelous Singer Featherweight freearm sewing machine.

You will probably be buying only one 222K Featherweight: here is a machine to consider. Buying a Singer 222K Featherweight freearm sewing machine is a big investment so you should consider buying your machine from a proven Premier seller of 222K Featherweights.

If you are looking for a 222K Featherweight that is in excellent cosmetic and working condition, clean and ready to sew out of the box this is a candidate.

If you are a quilter or you sew and never had the privilege of owning a Featherweight 222K you should consider buying one now. They are a favorite sewing machine of quilters worldwide because they are reliable, compact, lightweight, versatile and let’s face it they are so darn cute.

Featherweights are notorious for being damaged while being shipped. It is very important that they be carefully and properly packed. It takes over an hour to properly pack a Featherweight for safe shipment. I have packed and shipped many Featherweights and have the experience to provide safe shipping. See our blog on how we pack our Featherweights for safe shipping here.


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1) Light bulb and light switch checked.

2) Foot control checked for range of speeds.

3) Electrical cords checked for any damage.

4) Bobbin winder tested. Bobbin wound.

5) Bobbin case tested for correct tension.

6) Upper tension tested and adjusted.

7) Sewing ability including reverse tested.

8) Sew/Darn lever checked.

9) Sample sewn including 90 degree corners.


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