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Fabulous Singer Featherweights



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 This is a 1953 Singer 221 Featherweight  with serial number EH899775 which dates the machine to March 4, 1953. and is a nice machine.
It sews a nice stitch.
221 Featherweight
The decals and finish are in very good condition.
The Featherweight sews well. A sewing sample accompanies the machine as with all the Featherweights that we sell.
221 Featherweight
The light and switch both work as does the bobbin winder and the foot control.
221 Featherweight
All of the Featherweights that we sell have been thoroughly cleaned, serviced, lubricated and tested. The testing consists of the machine going through a final 8 point checklist before being listed. The checklist is given toward the end of the listing description.
221 Featherweight
There is a new electrical cord and the machine has new rubber feet.
221 Featherweight
There are no missing or broken parts. The machine has been thoroughly cleaned and serviced.
The motors on all our Featherweights are reconditioned to assure longevity of the most important part of a Featherweight, the motor. You can read our blog on how we recondition our Featherweight motors here.
221 Featherweight
The attachments are shown below.
221 Featherweight
The case is sound but the side attachment tray is missing.
221 Featherweight
221 Featherweight
221 Featherweight
The stitches from this Featherweight are straight and tight with good tension and no skipping of the stitches. A sample of the stitching will accompany the sewing machine. It has been serviced and tested so that you can quilt, sew or proudly display the Featherweight upon its arrival.
221 Featherweight
Featherweights are notorious for being damaged while being shipped. It is very important that they be carefully and properly packed. It takes over an hour to properly pack a Featherweight for safe shipment. We have been selling Featherweights on eBay for over 12 years. We have the experience to provide safe shipping. See our blog on how we pack our Featherweights here.
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1) Light bulb and light switch checked.
2) Foot control checked for range of speeds.
3) Electrical cords checked for any damage.
4) Bobbin winder tested. Bobbin wound.
5) Bobbin case tested for correct tension.
6) Upper tension tested and adjusted.
7) Sewing ability including reverse tested.
8) Sample sewn includes 90 degree corners.
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