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Fabulous Singer Featherweights

A Pre-Singer Featherweight - General Electric "Featherweight".

A Pre-Singer Featherweight - General Electric "Featherweight".

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If you are a Featherweight collector or enthusiast you may have seen the recent extensive article in The Featherweight Shop on the sewing machine that inspired the Singer Featherweight

As these pre-Singer Featherweights are almost 100 years old they are not very easy to find.

We have just put one into our store.  It is the GE version in green and in good running and sewing condition..
The clear coat finish on the sewing bed is not in great condition but most of the decals are in good condition.  The original electrical cords and foot control are in excellent, almost new looking condition.  The machine has been fully serviced, sews, has been well cleaned and waxed.  The nickle plating is in good shiny condition.  A sample of the sewing is shown and included.  A downloaded manual is included.
The case is in good condition but missing the top tray.  The locking latch is broken but the two hasps hold the case together securely.
The lamp is missing from the machine.  The lamp holding screws are in place.  A lamp is available from Ebay for this machine, item # 155773994673 from Shopcars for $29.99.  Belts and bobbins for this machine are also available from this seller.

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