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Fabulous Singer Featherweights

01 - 1954 Singer Featherweight 222K For Sale, EJ910340. US Voltage.

01 - 1954 Singer Featherweight 222K For Sale, EJ910340. US Voltage.

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1954 Singer Featherweight 222K For Sale

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This beautiful 1954 Singer 222 Featherweight has good decals, has a bright, clean shiny finish, sews very well and runs very quietly. This is a very nice 222K.

The serial number is EJ910340 which dates the 222K to September 10, 1954.

On the back of the removable bed is a nine digit number that has been engraved into the side. It is quite small. See the photographs.

The flip up bed has a small amount of damage to the clear coat. The painted finish is not damaged nor is there a dent. It is approximately 3/4" by 1/2".  There is not a photograph. I tried to photograph it from several angles and with different lighting but it would not show in any of the photographs.

Aside from those two items there are very few other usage marks on the machine.

This machine has been fully serviced, all parts thoroughly checked and cleaned, properly lubricated and then completely tested.
There are no missing or broken parts, no oily, brown cigarette smoke residue or other grunge to try to remove, no expensive repairs to be done, no surprises and no frustration.

The machine runs and sews very quietly, the light works, the bobbin winder works, hook is timed, the foot control has a range of speed, etc. Everything works as it should.

Singer 222K Featherweights are considered by many to be the best sewing machine that Singer ever produced.


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