Singer Featherweight 222K wiring hazard

BEWARE. Possible Electric Shock Hazard from UK Purchased 222K Featherweight

It is not unusual for 222K Featherweights purchased from the UK to potentially give electric shocks. Bare electrical wires from the lamp may pose a shock threat.

For a while 222K Featherweights sold in the UK used vinyl covered wire for their lamps and motors. UK voltage is 230 volts which sometimes overheats the lamp wires and melts the wires protective cover exposing the wires as can be seen in the photograph below.

In North America the voltage is 120 volts plus Canadian 222K machines did not use wires with vinyl coating. The hazard that can occur with machines from the UK is not a problem with the 120 volt 222K machines produced in Canada.

wiring dangers 222K Featherweight

The photograph above shows the bare lamp wires at the three prong terminal. The wires coating has melted away leaving the wire bare and posing a potential electric shock risk.

wiring dangers 222K Featherweight

Without removing the three prong terminal there is no way to tell if the machine has faulty wiring unless you receive a shock.

wiring dangers 222K Featherweight

The coating on the wires has melted away leaving dangerous exposed electrical wires

wiring dangers 222K Featherweight

Be aware of this potential problem when purchasing a 222K from the UK with a 230 volt motor. Machines from Canada that have a 110-120 volt motor do not have the same issue.

This seems to be a problem with Singer 222K Featherweights from the UK with lamps that have vinyl covered (bright red and bright yellow) wires.

All of the Featherweights that we sell are checked for electrical safety. as part of our preparation for sale of our machines.

To see what is involved in our preparation of our machines for sale click here

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