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Why to buy a Singer Featherweight from us.

  • We have been successfully selling beautiful Featherweights for over 14 years. (See blog here.)
  • All our Featherweights have been completely refurbished. Each part has been inspected with any worn parts replaced with original Featherweight parts. (See blog here.)
  • The motors have all been taken apart, machine brushes checked and the rotor turned. (See blog here.)
  • Each machine has an electrical safety check. (See blog here.)
  • The hook assembly / bobbin case holder is taken apart, any needle burrs removed, thoroughly cleaned and tested. (See blog here.)
  • The upper tension has been taken apart, parts checked and cleaned.
  • The stitch length mechanism is taken apart and cleaned.
  •  Any loose or ripped fabric in the case is re-glued. (See blog here.)
  •  Our packing for shipping is second to none. (See blog here.)

  • No one sells higher quality Singer Featherweights than we do. NO ONE!

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