French Singer Toy Sewing Machine

Toy Singer Sewing Machines From France

Gold Toy French Singer Sewing Machine

There are toy Singer sewing machines from France that are in colors that were not produced in the USA. We currently have a rare gold machine, a green machine with a cute carrying case that Singer only produced in France, a second green machine and a chocolate brown machine.

All French toy sewing machines were produced at the Singer factory in Bonniéres, France. The clamps that were produced with these machines are marked with a "B" indicating they were made in Bonniéres.

Bonniéres Factory

Below are photographs of the French machines we currently have in stock.

The gold French toy Singer

French Gold Singer Toy machine

The French toy Singer green machine with the carrying case.

Green French Singer Toy machine

The second French green toy Singer sewing machine.

Green Singer Toy machine

The French toy Singer chocolate brown machine.

Chocolate Singer Toy machine
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