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Singer 222K Featherweight from UK.

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Those of you who have been admiring, wishing for, or looking to buy a Singer 222K Featherweight may have noticed a lot of the machines for sale in North America have a UK voltage motor, 230-250 volts. This may seem a bit odd as in order to use them in the USA and Canada you need to plug the 222K into a voltage transformer. The transformer changes the voltage used in the USA and Canada, 100-120 volts, to the 230-250 volts required for the UK machine.
Without the transformer the 222K will not run in the USA and Canada.

Singer 222K Featherweights are available mostly from Canada and the UK.  Many of the UK 222K machines are sold to the USA. Some purchasers were unaware of the different voltage requirements when they purchased from the UK and were not pleased at the surprise of having to use a voltage transformer. Others who were aware of having to use a transformer found it inconvenient to use and rendering the Featherweight less portable. These machines are then often offered for sale in the USA with 230 volt requirements. Others sell them because they are not up to the standard they expected when they purchased them. Rather than going through the cost and hassle of returning the 222K to the UK they sell them on Ebay or the like.

Over the past years we have sold 222K Featherweights with US voltage compatible motors to customers who have either returned the machine they purchased from the UK or sold them. One of our recent sales of a Singer 222K was to someone who had purchased a machine from the UK. They became tired of always having to use a voltage transformer. Their experience has prompted this article.

222K machines that were originally sold in Canada have the correct motor with the correct voltage for both Canada and the USA and do not require the use of a voltage transformer.

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