replacing a presser foot lever on a Singer Featherweight

Replacing the Presser Foot Lever.

If your presser foot lever has the chrome worn off or peeling off or, worse still, if the lever is broken you may wish to replace it.

The following method is the method that I prefer although many prefer to use the  method used by Carmon shown in his video

If you use my method  it is important that you protect the paint on the machine with an old towel or similar as you are going to be using a hammer close to the body of the machine. As I am using a parts machine I didn't use a towel in the photographs.

Remove the face plate and the thumb screw that applies the pressure to the presser foot.

The lever serves two functions. It lifts the presser foot and at the same time releases the upper tension assembly. It releases the upper tension by means of a "rocker" that has to be removed.

The rocker is removed by removing the holding bolt.

The lever is held in place by a tapered pin. The fat end of the pin can be seen when the rocker has been removed.

To remove the pin it has to be pushed out from the thin end of the pin. This is where you can choose either method to remove the pin.

Using something like a nail set for finishing nails and a hammer tap out the pin. Be sure that you have protected the paint finish.

CAUTION. It is best to remove the flip up bed if possible. The pin is long enough to hit the bed if driven out too far. If the bed is left on the machine place a few thicknesses of towel on the bed and do not drive the pin all the way out. When the pin has loosened stand the machine on its feet, lower the bed and finish removing the pin.

It isn't necessary for the pin to come all the way out, just far enough to release the lever. If the pin comes out clean it.

To install the replacement pin (curved side down) put the lever into its slot and by looking down the pin's hole line up the hole in the pin with the pin hole and push in the pin. You will probably have to use the nail set and hammer to get the pin flush with the surface.

The pin must be flush with or below the level of the surrounding area or the lever will not work properly with the upper tension. If you use the same pin this should not be a problem.

You have to be a little careful when replacing the rocker bolt. There is a circular indent around the hole in the rocker.

The bolt has a corresponding part that must fit into the indent when installed.

When replacing the rocker you may have to jiggle the rocker so that the bolt sets into the indent.

If you removed the bed it is important the washers go back on the bolts in the correct order. The curved washer goes on first curved up and then the flat washer.

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