Preparation Of Our Featherweights For Sale.

Preparation Of Our Featherweights For Sale.

When you buy a Singer 221 or 222K Featherweight from us you are buying a clean, operating sewing machine that has been taken apart, each part inspected (parts are replaced with original Singer parts if defective) and each part cleaned. 

The machine is reassembled and waxed with two coats of carnauba auto wax.

Singer 221 Featherweights are then put through our eight step (nine steps for 222K machines) checklist  to make sure that all parts of the sewing machine work as they should.

The checklist is at the end of the description of each Singer Featherweight that we sell.

All our Featherweights have the correct voltage for both the USA and Canada.

If you buy a Featherweight from us you will be able to plug it in and play when it arrives.

No matter the price of one of our machines they all get the same preparation for sale.

Singer 222K Featherweight

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