FREE Singer 222K e-book

We do not have a follow up sales pitch to those who download the book.

Singer 222K Featherweights were a vastly improved version of the Singer 221 model. They are considered to be the best sewing machine that Singer ever produced.

If you are looking for information on Singer 222K (222) Featherweights because
-you are thinking of buying a 222K
-have never heard about them and are curious about 222K machines
-are a Featherweight collector
-or you are just plain interested in finding out more of these highly desirable, hard to find Singer Featherweights
then this ebook is the book for you.

222K machines were never sold in the USA and with only 108,000 machines ever produced they are getting harder to find and more expensive as time goes by.

This ebook explains what a Singer 222K Featherweight machine is and can do. The book goes into detail about the differences between a 221 and a 222K. There is a bit of scandalous history thrown in and even some information regarding tan and white Featherweights.

This is a great resource for when you are researching the purchase of a Singer 222K Featherweight.

The free downloadable Singer 222K ebook can be found in the "Items for Sale" in the "All Products" category.


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