Singer Featherweight 222K bobbin case

Fixing a Noisy Bobbin Case Holder / Hook Assembly

If your Featherweight starts to make noises in the hook assembly area of your machine it most likely needs a drop of oil. Unless your assembly has been damaged it is a very simple fix.

To stop the noise first remove the bobbin case, tilt the machine so that the hook assembly is facing upward and add one drop (more is not always better) of sewing machine oil on the edge between the bobbin case holder and the hook assembly. Add another drop in each of the cut out circles on the bottom of the bobbin case holder. Hand turn the machine a couple of times and you should be good to go.

Occasionally if a bobbin case holder / hook assembly has been damaged it will need replacing . We sell guaranteed bobbin case holder/ hook assembly units.

When oiling your Featherweight don't forget the hook assembly. Your machine will thank you.
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