Featherweight scrolled faceplate

Featherweight Faceplates

Most Singer Featherweights, both 221 and 222K, had one of two faceplate designs. (I am ignoring white, tan and a few other faceplates.)
From 1933 when Featherweights were first introduced until the late 1940’s Featherweights had scrolled faceplates.
Featherweight faceplate
In the late 1940’s the second faceplate design, the striated faceplate started to appear and eventually scrolled faceplates stopped being put onto Featherweights.
Featherweight faceplate
It was not uncommon in the late 1940s and 1950s for Featherweight owners to “modernize” their Featherweights by replacing their scrolled faceplate with a striated one.
Now many Featherweight owners would like to switch their striated Featherweight faceplate to the vintage looking scrolled faceplate.
If you would like a scrolled faceplate for your Featherweight we often have them in stock.
In case you are wondering, the scrolled faceplates will fit 222K Featherweights as well as 221 machines.
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