Singer 222K Featherweight

Buying A Featherweight From Us

There is a very good reason why many Featherweights are sold on the internet or at garage sales. They have a problem of one sort or another, sometimes it is a major problem. Beware of “it runs but I don’t know how to sew” or “I don’t know anything about these machines” or “the foot control is missing” or, well you get the idea.
Buying a machine can be a gamble. Often repairs can cost more than the machine is worth. A lubrication and simple adjustment alone can cost $50 - $100 not including any problems and parts cost. Finding parts that are specific to a 222K is almost impossible. Sellers of 222K machines are very reluctant to sell 222K parts.
In the last fourteen years we have acquired several hundred Featherweights and only rarely have we received a machine that runs well and sews a nice stitch upon receiving it. Avoid the gamble, buy your Featherweight from a reputable seller.
When you buy one of our Singer Featherweights, whether it be a 221 Featherweight or the 222K machines in which we specialize, you will be getting a machine that has all parts checked with any faulty parts replaced with genuine Singer Featherweight parts, has been fully serviced and lubricated, all the chrome and metal cleaned with metal cleaner, the machine body and all of the painted parts thoroughly cleaned and waxed, the timing checked and adjusted, upper and lower tensions checked and adjusted, a bobbin winder that works, light and switch checked and finally the machine given our final pre-sale nine step check to make sure that each machine we sell is working as it should. A sewing sample is done on each machine.

When you buy from us you are buying a machine that will run well, that will sew well when you receive it, that you will be proud to own and that will give years of enjoyment.
We have over the years supplied our machines to some of the best known Featherweight sites on the internet.
Our machines are as close to being a “new” Featherweight as you will find anywhere. All our machines have been made the best that they can be both cosmetically and mechanically.
We are proud of every Singer Featherweight we sell and stand behind each one.
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