A Small Mechanical Change to the Singer 222K Featherweight

A Small Mechanical Change to the Singer 222K Featherweight

Continuing on with the last two posts regarding the few changes that were made to 222K Featherweights during their production run - this is the third change of the four changes made.

This change is the only mechanical change that was made although it did cause a cosmetic change. The other changes were purely cosmetic changes.

In 1959 part way through the 222K serial number production EP series there was a slight mechanical modification to the head of the machine that slightly changed the design of the 222K Featherweight head.

Before the change the head of the machine was smooth very much like 221 Featherweights. In the photographs below pay attention to the part of the head that is just above the "Co" at the end of "The Singer Manufacturing Co".

222K for sale

After the small mechanical change to the 222K machine there was a slight indentation in the head just above the "Co".

222K Featherweight for sale

This indentation modification continued until the end of Featherweight production in 1961.

Most, but not all, serial numbered 222K Featherweights beginning with EP and all ER and ES serial numbered machines have this modification.



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