Singer 222K Featherweight Case

Finding a Replacement for a Damaged Featherweight 222K Carrying Case

If you have a damaged or smelly 221 Featherweight case it is not too difficult to find a replacement. There were well over two million 221 Featherweight sewing machines with cases sold between 1933 and 1960.  We often have 221 cases in our store.
If you have a broken 222K case you have a bit of a problem. Less than 110,000 Singer 222K Featherweights were made and sold worldwide. None were sold in the USA.
222K machines are one inch taller than 221 machines and consequently the 222K cases were made one inch taller to accommodate the taller machine. Finding a 222K case without a machine makes the old needle in a haystack look like a piece of cake.
222K Featherweights will not fit into the 221 Featherweight cases that have a side tray. The foot control hits the top of the machine and the lid will not close.
However 222K machines will fit in the full tray 221 case. Full tray cases are one inch taller than side tray cases. There is a big “but”. DO NOT USE THE FULL TRAY WITH THE 222K FEATHERWEIGHT. The tray will severely damage the top of your precious 222K. If you put the tray into the case along with the 222K the lid will close but the metal part of the tray will be pushed against the top of the machine and carve out pieces of paint from the top of the machine. This is experience speaking.
Because the full tray case is the same height as the 222K case it is possible to attach a foot control clip on the inside of the lid and use it for your foot control the same as the 222K case.
There is not room to attach a side tray.
Another alternative is to purchase a new aftermarket case such as Singer Featherweight 221 Case, which will fit a 222K machine.
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