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222K Featherweight Sales

222 222K Featherweight 222K Singer 222K

We possibly are the largest seller of 222K Featherweights in North America. Since beginning to sell them 13 years ago we have sold over 400 Singer 222K Featherweights. We currently sell around 40 machines a year.

The secret to our success is the quality of the machines we sell. You may find cheaper machines but you will not find better. Garage finds are most likely to be headache machines and money pits.

We sell on eBay, to re-sellers, privately and since last fall we now sell through our online store, Fabulous Singer Featherweights at our website
If you wish to read about our Featherweight preparations before we put them up for sale click here
To see our Fabulous 221 Featherweights click here.
To see our Fabulous 222K Featherweights click here.


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