Singer Featherweight 221 Manual

221 and 222K Manual Dates

If you have a Featherweight 221 or 222K you should have an instruction manual.

Although any 221 manual will do for 221 machines (the same for 222K manuals) many Featherweight owners like to have the correct manual for the year of their Featherweight.

The revision (Rev.) date of the green instruction manuals for 221 Featherweights is given on the top left of the cover of the manual just below the "Form" number.

The first three 221 manuals actually had the date given as "November, 1933", "January, 1934" and "March, 1935". No other 221 manuals had the month written out. All manuals after these first three used the number of the month and the last two digits of the year such as 338 for March 1938.

So, the three or four digit number on the top left of the manual is the date that manual was revised. In the photograph below the revision code is (150) which means the revision date for that manual is January, 1950.

221 Featherweight manual date

For the later non green 221 manuals, such as the 1954 and 1955 blue manuals in the USA as well as the striped green, orange and white Canadian manuals the revision date is given on the bottom left of the back cover. The revision date for the white Featherweight manual below is (967) which is September, 1967. This manual must have come from one of the very last 221 Featherweights produced.

221 Featherweight manual date

Both 221 and 222K manuals were produced in French as well as in English.

The revision dates for 222K manuals are all given on the bottom left of the inside of the front cover. The revision date for the 222K manual below is February, 1954.

Singer Featherweight 222K Manual date

As I stated at the beginning of this blog, unless you want a specific year of manual there is no need to bother about the date of the manual. There is very little difference in the manuals. What is important is that you have a manual in order to run, service and sew with your Featherweight.

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