Singer Featherweight 222K

Introduction to Fabulous Singer Featherweights

At Fabulous Featherweights we are dedicated to selling high quality, premium Singer 222K Featherweight sewing machines as well as 221 Featherweights, accessories, toy sewing machines and Featherweight parts.

We have sold several hundred of these beautiful sewing machines over the last 12+ years on eBay. We sell Featherweights on eBay using the name "iquilt22".  Be sure to check out the many impressive positive Feedback comments we have received regarding Featherweights and other Featherweight items that we have sold; we have a 5 Star rating in all categories. You may wish to view our Featherweights for sale

If you are a quilter or you sew and have never had the privilege of owning a Featherweight 222K you should consider purchasing one. They are a favorite sewing machine of quilters worldwide because they are reliable, compact, lightweight, versatile and let’s face it they are so darn cute.

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