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Singer 222 Embroidery Hoop

Singer 222 / 222K Original Boxed Featherweight Embroidery Hoop - Black. Simanco 171074.


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This hoop was the hoop that came with the Singer 222K when ordered with the 1960 to 1961 red "S" 222K machines.
The black hoop was the last version of the 222K hoop.
Singer 222K Embroidery Hoop
Both hoop styles (black or chrome) work on any year of 222K Featherweights.
Singer 222K Embroidery Hoop
The embroidery hoop and box are in excellent condition.
Singer 222 Embroidery Hoop
The 222K embroidery hoop was the only available option specific to the 222K Featherweight.
Singer 222K Embroidery Hoop
Singer 222 Embroidery Hoop
The hoop is marked "Simanco 171074 Gr. Britain".
Singer 222 Embroidery Hoop
The hoop is for use with the 222K Featherweight darning foot.
Singer 222 Embroidery Hoop
This hoop is for use on 222K Featherweights only. It will not fit 221 Featherweights.
Singer 222K Embroidery Hoop
There are also chromed hoops in the store.

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