Why buy a Featherweight from us?

Why buy a Featherweight from us?

You will not buy better Featherweight machines than ours.

Our machines are taken apart, have each part inspected, cleaned, tested, reassembled and tested for sewing.

We pride ourselves regarding our Featherweights. We only sell Featherweights that we would be proud to own.

Buying a Featherweight from an unknown source, such as Ebay, Etsy, garage sale, etc can be fraught with very expensive problems and repairs. Of the hundreds of Featherweights we have acquired over he last 13 years, it is a very rare machine that simply needs some cleaning and a minor adjustment.

Why buy a Featherweight from Fabulous Singer Featherweights?

    • We have been successfully selling beautiful Featherweights for over 18 years. (See blog here.)
    • All our Featherweights have been completely refurbished. Each part has been inspected with any worn parts replaced with original Featherweight parts. (See blog here.)
    • Although we sell both 221 and 222K Featherweights we specialize in the hard to find 222K Featherweight. (See blog here.)
    • Our machines are thoroughly cleaned and given at least two coats of a top quality carnauba wax. Our machines sparkle and have a deep shine to the finish.
    • The motors have all been taken apart, machine brushes checked and the rotor turned. (See blog here.)
    • Each machine has an electrical safety check.
    • The hook assembly / bobbin case holder is taken apart, any needle burrs removed then thoroughly cleaned and tested.
    • The upper tension has been taken apart, parts checked and cleaned.
    • The stitch length mechanism is taken apart and cleaned.
    •  Any loose or ripped fabric in the case is re-glued.
    •  Our packing for shipping is second to none.

As well as selling original Featherweights we sell restored Featherweights that come in a variety of colors.

We have sold over seven hundred Singer 222K Featherweights Since 2004 we have been selling on Ebay and in our online store, Fabulous Singer Featherweights.

If you are a quilter or you sew and have never had the privilege of owning a Featherweight you should consider purchasing one. They are a favorite sewing machine of quilters worldwide because they are reliable, compact, lightweight, versatile and let’s face it they are so darn cute.

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