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Top 10 reasons to buy a Featherweight from us.

The Top Ten Reasons to  Buy a Singer 222K or 221 Featherweight From Us.

  1. We specialize in quality 222K Featherweights and we are the number one seller of premium Singer Featherweight 222K sewing machines.
  2. We have sold  an average of 30-40 Featherweight 222K machines a year for the past 13 years through Ebay (iquilt22), in our store ( and privately. We have also sold a similar number of Featherweight 221 sewing machines.
  3. All Singer Featherweights that we sell have been completely refurbished. All parts are disassembled, cleaned and replaced with original vintage Featherweight parts if need be.
  4. The finish of the paint and chromed parts are thoroughly cleaned and waxed before the machine is reassembled.
  5. Before being put for sale all our machines are tested to make sure that the foot control works as it should, the bobbin winder winds bobbins, the upper and lower tensions are balanced, the timing is correct, the machine sews a nice stitch, etc.
  6. All our Singer Featherweights sew a good stitch. A sample of the stitching is included with each machine we sell.
  7. We stand behind every Singer Featherweight that we sell.
  8. Singer Featherweights are notorious for being damaged in shipping. Our packing for shipping of our Featherweights is exceptional. We take full responsibility for the safe arrival of your purchase.
  9. We have sold many machines to Featherweight collectors.
  10. We accept Paypal, Mastercard, Visa and American Express.
  11. (Bonus reason) We have great feedback in the "Comments" section of our store.

We opened our online store, Fabulous Singer Featherweights, in the summer of 2016. The store has enabled us to write blogs about Singer Featherweights.

You can see the Featherweight 222K machines we have for sale by clicking here.

You can see the Featherweight 221 machines we have for sale by clicking here.

To see Singer Featherweights we have sold in the online store click here.

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