The Three Different Throat Plates on 222K Featherweights.

The Three Different Throat Plates on 222K Featherweights.

In the last post I mentioned that there were very few changes made to Singer 222K Featherweights during their short production run but there were a few changes made. This is the second change that was made.

In 1953 when 222K production started all of the throat plates were chromed steel. Each had seam guide markings indicating fractional parts of an inch, such as 1/8, 1/4 etc. up to 3/4".

222K Featherweight for sale

Around 1956/77 a second different throat plate was introduced. This throat plate had a row of eight lines numbered 1 to 8. The distance between the each line was 1/8". The line marked "1" indicated 1/8', the line marked "6" indicated 6/8" or "3/4" etc.

222K Featherweight

A third throat plate version for the 222K had the same markings as the second version but rather than being chromed it was anodized. This finish gave the plate a duller look compared to the shiny chromed plates.

The second and third throat plate versions gave seam guide measures up to 1" compared to the first throat plate that gave guide measures up to 3/4".

After the introduction of the anodized plate, chrome plates were still used. It is not unusual to find machines from the same production year that have different throat plates.

Both chromed and anodized plates had a rectangular notch by the plates large retaining screw. The notch was specifically deigned to hold the only optional accessory designed specifically for the 222K, the darning hoop.


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