Singer Featherweight Case

Repairing the Cloth Hinge Inside a Featherweight Case

Many Featherweight cases have the cloth hinge inside the case that is ragged or completely ripped all the way across the case. Here is how to repair the ripped hinge material.
You might want to start by removing the oil can clip and accessories tray but it is not necessary. It will make the project a bit easier.
Featherweight Case repair
Remove the torn fabric completely using an X-Acto knife.
Featherweight Case repair
Using Weldbond glue or Elmers Glue-All glue down any loose fabric that remains after cutting off the hinge. Make sure there is enough glue so that all the loose fabric will be glued down. A fairly damp cloth is useful for spreading the glue under the fabric and removing excess glue.
Any stubborn pieces of fabric that keeps popping up can usually be stuck down by holding the damp cloth against it for a minute or so.
Let the glue dry.
The replacement hinge material that we use is a vintage material that is very similar to the material used on the outside of the case. Hinge material cut to size is available from our store or you can use whatever material you think will work. We use vintage bookbinding material.
The hinge material is 13"x 3 1/4".
Glue down the hinge material to the lid with the edge of the material tucked up against the top of the lid. Once again make sure that you have enough glue on the hinge material. Be sure to have glue on the edges so they cannot come loose later. Use the damp cloth to smooth out the hinge and remove excess glue. Let the glue dry.
Featherweight Case repair
Securely prop the lid open at the maximum angle that you want the lid to open when the hinge is installed.
Glue the hinge material to the case in the same manner as gluing the hinge material to the lid.
Let the glue dry.Featherweight Case repair
When the glue is dry the first time or two when you close the lid use a knitting needle, chopstick, long round screwdriver or similar to slide between the fabric hinge and the metal hinges of the case. as you slowly close the case pull out the sewing needle, etc. This will help the cloth hinge bend into the case.
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