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Cost of a Singer 221 Featherweight

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I just came across an article on the cost of Singer 221 Featherweights in the early (1930s) years.
I did a bit of follow up research and came up with some, to put it mildly, amazing numbers.
I cannot find the average price paid for 221 Featherweights in 2017 but on Ebay it must be somewhere between $300 and $400 for a machine that is in good cosmetic and mechanical condition and ready to sew. (If you can find one for less in good cosmetic and mechanical condition that sews - well done.)
In the middle of the 1930s new 221 Featherweights cost approximately $85. At a first cursory glance it would appear that they have held their price pretty well.
I was curious as to what that would be in today's dollars. I found an inflation calculator to find out what the $85 would be worth in 2016.  Using the inflation calculator the $85 for the Featherweight in 1935 would be equivalent to $1555 in today's dollars.
According to the 1935 US Bureau of Statistics, the average annual income was $1500. Somehow almost 250,000 families managed to raise the money to buy a 221 Featherweight in the 1930s despite there being a depression.
$85 was a huge amount of money in 1935 when the average annual salary was $1500, a house cost $6300 and  a car was $580.
Featherweights bought from reputable merchants run and sew just as they did when new. Some long time Singer service persons claim that the machines are quieter now because the metal gears have worn into each other over the years.
Featherweights were manufactured when machines were built to last. No plastic, no cheap components, no built in obsolescence. Just quality.
We are proud to have been selling 221 and 222K Featherweights both in our store and on Ebay for almost 13 years. We try to sell the best you can buy in the tradition of Singer when they produced the Featherweight.

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